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Boot from Storage Spaces Virtual Disk in Windows 10

Hardware, Microsoft, PowerShell, Surface, Windows • 11 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I got my new Microsoft Surface Pro, I decided to go with the 1TB version to...
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Hyper-V VHDX Format Specification v1.00

Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server

Yesterday I posted a blog post about the new recommendations about Virtual Disks files in Hyper-V called VHD and VHDX. Today I saw a tweet...
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Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V: Virtual Disk VHD & VHDX recommendations

Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows Server • 10 Comments

In the new released Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012 you can find a lot of tuning information for Windows Server 2012...
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Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2012 released

Microsoft, System Center, Virtualization, Windows Server

In July Microsoft released the beta of the Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 2012  and two weeks...
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Create a Windows Server 2012 iSCSI Target Server

Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server • 3 Comments

In my Lab I don’t have a good storage which I can use for my Hyper-V Clusters. But with Windows Server 2012 Microsoft added a lot of new...
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