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Microsoft Server Posterpedia Windows 8 App

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, PowerShell, SQL Server, System Center, Virtualization, Windows, Windows Server • One Comment

I know for a lot of people this is not something new, but in the courses I presented in the past...
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How to integrate (slipstream) SQL Server 2008 and SP1

Microsoft, SQL Server, Windows Server • 4 Comments

To install SQL Server 2008 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 you need a slipstream version of SQL Server 2008 with integrated Servicepack 1. At...
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Shrinking the Transaction Log in SQL Server 2000

Microsoft, SQL Server

Here is how you Shrinking Transaction Log SQL Server 2000: Use the SQL Query Analyzer BACKUP LOG XXX WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY GO DBCC...
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