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One Year at Microsoft

Time went by so fast, that I almost missed that this is my one year work anniversary at Microsoft. I have to admit that this year went really fast. I got to work on a lot of exciting projects, had the opportunity to meet and work with insanely brilliant people, and was able to work on things I enjoy.

Since I am treating my blog kind of like my diary, I think this deserves a short blog post. I am currently back in Redmond for our annual Cloud Advocate Summit, and yes, it is the same time as the internal Microsoft Ready conference. I am a little jetlagged, and so I can use the early morning to write this blog. And that reminds me of my start in February 2019, where I also traveled to Redmond on my second day of work.

People often ask me, how are you doing? are you still happy with your decision? iI can only say yes, it was a great decision to join Microsoft, and I have no regrets leaving my old job. Not because I didn’t like my old job, I really did enjoy it. But after seven years working for the same company, it was time to take on a new challenge.

Another question is, what are your highlights? Well, there are too many to count and list them all but expect being part of an awesome team and working on the thing I enjoy, I have a couple of things I want to highlight. The first thing I want to share is it is insane how helpful everyone is, and I can’t remember how many times I got the words “tell me if I can help you”. Most importantly, I realized that these were not just words, but every one meant it. If I had questions or needed help, every single person was there to help. The second thing I want to highlight is how much I was able to learn. Working with so many clever and talented people helps to learn new things, get fresh perspectives, and new ways of achieving something. The company is also set up with this learn it all, versus know it all mentality.

Of course, there are also things you might don’t like that much, especially if you join a large corporation. However, since I was working with Microsoft before, I knew what I was getting into, and I knew what to expect.

One year after joining Microsoft, I want to say thank you to my team and my manager, who hired me and gave me this opportunity. I also want to thank people I worked with inside and outside of Microsoft as well as my girlfriend, who needs to deal with my travel schedule 😉 and supports me. I am also really looking forward to the time in front of us, and keep working with the Microsoft community.

IT Career Energizer Episode Thomas Maurer

Part of the IT Career Energizer podcast

I had the chance to be part of Phil Burgess IT Career Energizer podcast. IT Career Energizer podcast helps those who want to start, develop, and grow their IT careers. Guests share their experience and advice, which will help others in their careers. It was great to talk to Phil as discuss some exciting highlights, like becoming a Microsoft MVP in 2012 and being part until 2019 when I joined Microsoft. We also discussed the challenges in my career and where I faced some difficult decisions, as well as some exciting times coming up in the IT industry.

When you listen to the I.T. Career Energizer you’ll hear from individuals from around the world.  Each guest gives their own perspectives on career development and their views on the future of technology. My guests include programmers, business analysts, project managers and testers to name but a few.

Phil did almost 200 episodes until today, and I am proud and happy to be part of it. You can listen and subscribe to the podcast on itcareerenergizer.com.

Joining Microsoft

Joining Microsoft

Today is a great day! I’m excited and proud to announce that as of February 1st, 2019, I’m joining Microsoft. I will join the Microsoft Azure Engineering (Cloud + AI) team as a Senior Cloud Advocate. After being a Microsoft MVP for seven years and working very closely with Microsoft in the last couple of years, this is a great new opportunity and an exciting time ahead.

Microsoft Cloud Advocate

Microsoft Azure Cloud Advocate

The Microsoft Cloud Advocate Mascot by Ashley McNamara

My role is part of the Microsoft Developer Relations group and more specific the Cloud Advocates. I’m joining the AzOps team of Rick Claus, which many of you know from Channel9, Microsoft conferences and his overall work at Microsoft. Our team is focused on the IT Ops and IT Pro community. This allows me to do what I love most, which is being an advocate for customers in the Azure product group, sharing knowledge and engaging with the community.

We are advocates for the IT community within Microsoft. Using the products, listen to customers, and help the product teams to prioritize their work. We develop tools to help use the products, we write documentation and tutorials, and we build connections between the community and the engineering teams.

Our team’s charter is to help every technologist on the planet succeed, be they students or those working in enterprises or startups. We engage in outreach to developers and others in the software ecosystem, all designed to further technical education and proficiency with the Microsoft Cloud + AI platform.

A large part of our mission is to make Microsoft Azure the best platform to run your applications and services, as well as making migration to the Microsoft Azure ecosystem simple. Our team looks for common pain points and works with the product teams to address them. In other cases, we build the missing pieces like tools and documentation.

My focus is going to be on the Azure and Microsoft hybrid cloud strategy. Besides the Azure services, this will include products and services like Windows Server and Azure Stack, which will help to bring that consistent cloud experience to life, so our customers can make the best out of the Intelligent Cloud and the Intelligent Edge.

If there’s anything, you would like us to improve reach out to our team or me. We listen to your needs and consider your feedback in our future developments.