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Celebrating 1111 Blog Posts on

Celebrating 1111 Blog Posts on

Okay, today I have something to celebrate 🎉. Since I missed basically every single blog anniversary or milestone, I was super happy when I saw that I reached 1110 blog posts. Yes, this is my blog post number 1111 on I started this blog back in 2008, more-less as a place to save my notes and how-tos as a system administrator, but I think it turned out to much more. It helped me to connect with people from around the world, become part of the community, become a public speaker, become a Microsoft MVP, join Microsoft, make friends, and much more.

1111 Posts Published

1111 Posts Published

With that, I want to say thank you to everyone who is reading my blog. Your comments, messages, emails, and chats at events make all the hours I put in into writing these articles worth it. so with that THANK YOU!

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I often get asked from people how do I run a blog, get started in the community, or how do I become a Microsoft MVP and so on. If I learned anything from my blog and the past couple of years, it would be that nothing comes overnight.

Blog Statistic

Blog Statistic

It will need a lot of your time, you will need to learn a lot, share your knowledge, be patient and most importantly be consistent. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon. If you calculate that it took me on average one hour per blog post, that would mean that I have written blogs 46.29 days of my life (24/7). And I think one hour per blog post doesn’t even come close with all the learning, research, and building labs. Not even counting the hours and blog posts that have been written but never have been released.

I want to say thank you again, without your feedback I wouldn’t have written 1111 blog posts on

Tom Microsoft HoloLens

One Year at Microsoft

Time went by so fast, that I almost missed that this is my one year work anniversary at Microsoft. I have to admit that this year went really fast. I got to work on a lot of exciting projects, had the opportunity to meet and work with insanely brilliant people, and was able to work on things I enjoy.

Since I am treating my blog kind of like my diary, I think this deserves a short blog post. I am currently back in Redmond for our annual Cloud Advocate Summit, and yes, it is the same time as the internal Microsoft Ready conference. I am a little jetlagged, and so I can use the early morning to write this blog. And that reminds me of my start in February 2019, where I also traveled to Redmond on my second day of work.

People often ask me, how are you doing? are you still happy with your decision? iI can only say yes, it was a great decision to join Microsoft, and I have no regrets leaving my old job. Not because I didn’t like my old job, I really did enjoy it. But after seven years working for the same company, it was time to take on a new challenge.

Another question is, what are your highlights? Well, there are too many to count and list them all but expect being part of an awesome team and working on the thing I enjoy, I have a couple of things I want to highlight. The first thing I want to share is it is insane how helpful everyone is, and I can’t remember how many times I got the words “tell me if I can help you”. Most importantly, I realized that these were not just words, but every one meant it. If I had questions or needed help, every single person was there to help. The second thing I want to highlight is how much I was able to learn. Working with so many clever and talented people helps to learn new things, get fresh perspectives, and new ways of achieving something. The company is also set up with this learn it all, versus know it all mentality.

Of course, there are also things you might don’t like that much, especially if you join a large corporation. However, since I was working with Microsoft before, I knew what I was getting into, and I knew what to expect.

One year after joining Microsoft, I want to say thank you to my team and my manager, who hired me and gave me this opportunity. I also want to thank people I worked with inside and outside of Microsoft as well as my girlfriend, who needs to deal with my travel schedule 😉 and supports me. I am also really looking forward to the time in front of us, and keep working with the Microsoft community.

Top 20 Microsoft Azure Blogs

Feedspot Top 50 Microsoft Azure Blogs To Follow in 2020

The year 2020 just started and I already got some great news. My blog, was again listed in the Feedspot Top 50 Microsoft Azure Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020 as top 3. I am honored and happy to be on this list, next to other top Azure blogs and websites. This is the second time I am listed in the Feedspot Top Microsoft Azure Blogs list. The first time I was listed last year in 2019.

The Best Microsoft Azure Blogs from thousands of Microsoft Azure blogs in our index using search and social metrics. We’ve carefully selected these websites because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.


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As you can imagine you will find even more about Microsoft Azure on my blog in 2020. You can follow my blog on Feedspot or just check out my Subscribe page, to get my latest blogs. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing my blog! If you have some topics or ideas I should cover in 2020, please let me know!

My 2019

My 2019 – See you in 2020

This is my last blog in 2019. I just came back from my last trip this year to Amsterdam, and I am happy to spend a couple of relaxing days with my friends and girlfriend at home before we start in 2020. 2019 was a fantastic, intense, and challenging year, with a lot of learnings and a lot of good things happening. Since I have joined Microsoft in February 2019, I had the opportunity to face new challenges and work with great people around the world.

I want to take the time to thank all my friends, colleagues, supporters, blog readers, and followers for everything. People who read, like, comment, and share my blogs and tweets. People who listen to my talks and videos. People with who I had the chance to have great conversations. People who tell me what I can do better. You all give me the motivation and energy to keep on doing this.

2019 Year

I had the chance to travel around the world, engage with the community, learn, make new friends, and being love. For that, I am happy and thankful and that the hard work pays off.

2019 was full of highlights, like the Windows Insider MVP award, joining Microsoft, my first presentations working for Microsoft, traveling, speaking at community conferences and events, Microsoft Ignite 2019, new devices, and many more. It is hard to name them all, so I just named a few.

I am looking forward to 2020 and starting a new decade full of new challenges and experiences and start traveling to different cities around the world.

Happy New Year! 🥂🎉🥳 And keep learning Azure!

– Thomas

CloudSkills FM Azure Arc and Hybrid Cloud Management Podcast – Azure Arc and Hybrid Cloud Management

This week I am at Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando, where we launched great new products and services like Azure Arc. I was honored to be part of a Podcast episode with Microsoft Azure MVP Mike Pfeiffer. is a weekly podcast with technical tips and career advice for people working in the cloud computing industry. This show is for developers, IT pros, or anyone making a career move into the cloud. is a weekly podcast with technical tips and career advice for people working in the cloud computing industry. This show is for developers, IT pros, or anyone making a career move into the cloud. Episodes will be short and to the point and will regularly feature experts who share their experiences.

This show is hosted by Mike Pfeiffer, a twenty-year tech industry veteran, entrepreneur, Pluralsight author, and Microsoft Azure MVP. If you enjoy the show and want more tips delivered to your mailbox every week, subscribe to Cloud Computing Weekly at

In this episode, we were talking about the new Hybrid Cloud announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2019, like Azure Arc, Azure Stack, and the new Performance Monitor in Windows Admin Center. Check out our episode right here.

046: Azure Arc and Hybrid Cloud Management In this episode I chat with Thomas Maurer, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, about the new Azure Arc service and how to get started with hybrid cloud management. Azure Arc – Cloud-native Management for Hybrid Cloud New Performance Monitor for Windows Server Mastering Azure with Cloud Shell

It was a pleasure to meet Mike in person and be part of his fantastic podcast. So listen in and let me know what you think!

Top 10 Azure Influencers in 2019

Listed in the Top 10 Azure Influencers in 2019 by Whizlabs

I am proud and happy that Whizlabs listed me as one of the Top 10 Azure Influencers in 2019. I am honored to be on that list next to other top Microsoft Azure Influencers.

10 Best Azure Influencers You Should Follow
Azure influencers are the people who have either done the significant job in the Microsoft Azure or putting their efforts to help people learning and moving to Azure. The case of improvements in features and services provided by Microsoft Azure has contributed to the best azure influencers. This article aims at illustrating a list of the most notable Microsoft Azure thought leaders. The information about the experience of the top azure influencers in Microsoft Azure as well as their body of work is the prime highlight of this article.

After having my blog listed in the Top Microsoft Azure Blogs to follow in 2019 by Feedspot, this is a great honor to be listed as one of the top 10 Azure Influencers in 2019. I want to thank everyone how is following me and is reading and engaging with me on my blog. Having that engagement is driving my motivation.  If you have some topics or ideas I should cover in 2019, please let me know!

Nigel Frank Migrating and extending with Microsoft Azure

Article about Azure Migration on Nigel Frank International

This week my blog post on Azure Migration and Hybrid Cloud on the Nigel Frank International blog went live. The title of the article is, Migrating and extending your on-premises environment with Microsoft Azure. In that blog post, I what your advantages are by using the cloud and some of the different approaches to use Microsoft Azure. Before I then go deeper on different Azure scenarios and topics.

I cover a lot of different Azure options like:

Nigel Frank International

The public cloud is becoming more and more important for companies that want to stay agile and flexible to meet their business demands. But if a company decides to move to the public cloud, what are the best ways to migrate to Microsoft Azure? In this blog post, we’ll take a quick look at what services Microsoft offers to make your cloud migration easier.

It was fun to work with the team at Nigel Frank International and I hope you like the article.