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Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – iVedha

Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – iVedha

Together with the Tiberiu Radu (Azure Stack Hub PM @rctibi), we created a new Azure Stack Hub Partner solution video series to show how our customers and partners use Azure Stack Hub in their Hybrid Cloud environment. In this series, as we will meet customers that are deploying Azure Stack Hub for their own internal departments, partners that run managed services on behalf of their customers, and a wide range of in-between as we look at how our various partners are using Azure Stack Hub to bring the power of the cloud on-premises.

Today, I want you to introduce you to Azure Stack Hub Partner iVedha. iVedha is a CSP that created a management solution which they were planning to use for their customers. As the tool evolved, they realized there are many Service Providers that could use this for their customers. Aytra was borne as an ISV solution aimed at enabling partners in their Azure Stack Hub journey. Join Dodi as he shares their experience with Azure Stack Hub.

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I hope this video was helpful and you enjoyed watching it. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to learn more about the Microsoft Azure Stack portfolio, check out my blog post.

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