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CloudSkills.fm Podcast – Azure Architecture with Thomas Maurer

CloudSkills fm Podcast - Azure Architecture with Thomas Maurer

Last week I had the honor to speak with Mike Pfeiffer on his CloudSkills.fm post cast, about Azure Archtiecture and much more. This is my second apperance in the CloudSkills.fm podcast, last year I was speaking about Azure Hybrid Cloud Management. In this episode of the CloudSkills.fm podcast, Mike Peiffer and I dive into Azure Architecture. Learn about Enterprise Scale Landing Zones, Azure Bicep, the Well Architected Framework, and more.

CloudSkills.fm podcast Episode 092: Azure Architecture with Thomas Maurer

Thomas Maurer works as a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. As part of the Azure engineering team (Cloud + AI), he engages with the community and customers around the world to share his knowledge and collect feedback to improve the Azure platform.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Thomas is working with Azure Architecture to make it easier for clients to operate cloud tech
  • Azure Architecture is made up of three main parts
  • Reasons that people have not heard about Azure Arc
  • Cloud Adoption Framework will assist those looking to build their company with Azure
  • Enterprise Scale Landing Zones help plan and set up Azure environment
  • How the automation for the Visio landing zone operates
  • Azure Bicep makes it easier to write and write ARM templates
  • It is still very early on in the development of Azure Bicep
  • Microsoft Learn helps people learn all about Microsoft, not just Azure
  • Microsoft Build provides a 24/7 video platform as a learning resource
  • Advice for those that want to get into content creation
  • Collaborating with others is incredibly important for growth
  • Well-Architected Framework vs. Cloud Adoption Framework at Microsoft
  • It never helps anyone to act like a jerk; be polite
  • Even bad advice provides value if you look at it correctly

You can listen to the episode here: CloudSkills.fm Episode 092: Azure Architecture with Thomas Maurer

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This show is hosted by Mike Pfeiffer, a twenty-year tech industry veteran, entrepreneur, Pluralsight author, and Microsoft Azure MVP. If you enjoy the show and want more tips delivered to your mailbox every week, subscribe to CloudSkills Weekly at cloudskills.io/subscribe.


It is always fun to speak with Mike and I highly recommend his podcast. I hope you enjoyed CloudSkills.fm Episode 092: Azure Architecture with Thomas Maurer. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments.

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