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Azure Unblogged – How to get Azure unblocked with Microsoft Services

Azure Unblogged - How to get Azure unblocked with Microsoft Services

Have you seen last week’s Azure Unblogged video with Carmen Crincoli (Senior Program Manager) about the Azure Stack HCI solution program? This week’s Azure Unblogged video was recorded during Microsoft Ready in Seattle, and I invited Annika Maibom (Agile Project Manager) and Michel Luescher (Solutions Architect) to the Microsoft Channel 9 studios and discussed how to get Azure unblocked with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS).

I had the chance to have a conversation with Annika and Michel about the work Microsoft Services is doing to unblock Azure for our customers. The conversation covered various aspects from agile project delivery, internal offering efforts, and how Microsoft Services is engaging with customers to kick-start Azure projects. Microsoft Consulting Services can help your organization adopt tech solutions across digital strategy, planning, data, sales, and more. MCS helps foster innovation, growth, and a culture of data-driven decisions.

You can watch the video on Microsoft Channel 9.

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You can also watch other episodes of Azure Unblogged on Microsoft Channel 9 and check out my blog at ITOpsTalk.com.

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