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System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Upgrade from RC to RTM

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I just got some interesting news from Microsoft Consultant Michel Lüscher (www.server-talk.eu), about upgrading System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager 2012 from RC to RTM.

Only Microsoft Technology Adoption Program” (TAP) Customers were allowed to use SCVMM 2012 RC for production and they also got some pre-releases which made it possible to upgrade from VMM 2012 RC to VMM 2012 RTM. For non-TAP customers this was a unsupported upgrade scenario.

But Microsoft got a lot of requests about the RC to RTM upgrade, so they released a RC Upgrade Tool which upgrades the VMM RC database for a supported upgrade to VMM 2012 RTM.

Michel Lüscher describes in his blog post (System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager von RC nach RTM (german)) how you can upgrade your Virtual Machine Manager RC installation.

First you have to get the VMM 2012 Upgrade Tool from Microsoft. You can create a free Microsoft Support Call with the Content ID #2705942.

Now you can uninstall the RC installation of Virtual Machine Manager 2012 with the option “Retain Database”. After you have removed the VMM Installation you can Upgrade the VMM database with the Upgrade Tool.

UpgradeVMM2012RC.exe –Server MyVMMServer –Database –VirtualManagerDB


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