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Azure Locks - Governance

Prevent Azure Resources from unexpected deletion using Locks

In this blog post, we will have a quick look at the basics of Azure Governance and how you can use Locks in Azure to govern your environment and protect resources from accidental deletion or changes. Cloud Computing is excellent, and you can deploy and delete services in seconds and go full speed. However, with that, there are also many challenges that are coming your way. Think about control over cost, security, or compliance. You don’t want everyone to be able to deploy a large Mv2-series virtual machine to test their application, and you might also not want people deploying services all over the world using one of the 55 Azure regions worldwide. The way to prevent things like this is called technical governance. However, it can be implemented in different ways.

Technical Governance

Technical Governance

The traditional approach was that you set a team or a person in front of the cloud, which can be called a cloud custodian or cloud broker team. And this team then decided on which services are going to get deployed and how. Now with that approach, people and processes become the limiting factor if you look at speed and agility.