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Judge at the Nutanix Coding Challenge

Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Virtualization, Windows Server

Nutanix just announced the PowerShell Coding Challenge for your Nutanix environment. The challenge...
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SVN Basic

Apple, Microsoft • One Comment

A colleague made a pretty cool blog post about svn basic on his blog. Subverion is a software versioning and a revision control system. At...
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Simple C++ lottery program @KTSI

School • One Comment

Here is a simple C++ lottery program done for the KTSI. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib>   using namespace std;...
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PowerShell: Count your Code lines

Microsoft, PowerShell, Windows Server • One Comment

After Coding some lines in a lot of different files you wanna know how much lines you have coded....
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Powershell: if Statement basics

Microsoft, PowerShell • 4 Comments

The if-statement is pretty important if you are creating PowerShell scripts. So I created this post to get some basic information about how...
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