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Cisco UCS Hyper-V Cluster – Create Hyper-V Cluster – Part 6

Hardware, Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows Server

After you have installed your Hyper-V Nodes and enabled the Failover Cluster Feature you can now...
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Cisco UCS Hyper-V Cluster – Configure Hyper-V Networks – Part 5

Hardware, Hosting, Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows Server • 3 Comments

This How-To shows you how you configure the (Virtual) Network Adapters of the Hyper-V Servers. This is not really heavy, but to complete...
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Cisco UCS Hyper-V Cluster – Part1

Hardware, Microsoft, System Center, Virtualization, Windows Server • 6 Comments

This is my first post on a Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster with a Cisco UCS. In the next parts I will write about how to setup a Hyper-V Cluster...
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