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Audit server settings with Azure Policy Guest Configuration

Microsoft Azure • One Comment

In my last blog post on Azure Governance, I wrote about how you can use Azure Policy to keep...
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Azure Friday: Manage hybrid servers using Azure Arc

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Speaking, Thomas Maurer, Windows Server

Last Friday, I had the chance to join Donovan Brown on Azure Friday to talk about how you can manage and govern your hybrid servers using...
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Keep control of your Azure environment with Azure Policy

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell • 4 Comments

Keeping control of your Azure environment and your Azure tenant can be challenging. Azure Policy is a fundamental part of Azure Governance...
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Azure Arc – Cloud-native Management for Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows, Windows Server • 3 Comments

Azure Hybrid is not just Azure Stack, it also includes a couple of other Azure Hybrid services like...
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Developing Azure Stack compatible services in Azure using Azure Policies

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Virtualization

As mentioned Azure Stack brings a true hybrid Cloud experience by bringing an consistent platform from the public cloud to the private...
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