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How to create an HP Firmware Maintenance CD and SmartStart USB Stick

HP has some Maintenance CD’s for the ProLiant Server Serie, but a lot of Servers used in a datacenter don’t have a CD-ROM, so how can you use the HP Support CD’s USB Stick? Its pretty easy if you know how to do it.

What do I need for this:

  • Windows XP Client
  • HP Firmware Maintenance ISO Image or HP SmartStart ISO Image
  • HP USB Key Utility (link)
  • USB Sticks (1GB or more)
  • CD-ROM Drive or Virtual CD-ROM

There are a lot of benefits by using USB-Sticks:

  • faster boot
  • no more space for CD ROMs needed
  • you can update it

And the best thing, you can easy upgrade Firmware Files on the USB Stick by adding them to:


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