Today I am happy to introduce my new mascot – Tommy The Cloud Robot ;) He is a robot going on Cloud adventures and learning everything about the Cloud!

You might  have seen him already on my blog or on my social media profiles. He is part of a light facelift of my blog and my website. It is probably the largest change to my blog since I introduced the new Thomas Maurer Logo back in 2016.

The new Tommy The Cloud Robot was created in collaboration with designer and illustrator Matt Q Spangler, which is already very well known for his awesome Robot Illustrations.

Tommy The Cloud Robot Shirt

If you are interested to get one of these super cool shirts with cute Tommy The Cloud Robot, you should check out my new shop. For a limited time you will get 15% off your order.

There will be more changes in the coming weeks and months to fix some minor issues. I hope you like the new design and feel free the leave some feedback in the comments.