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My 2018 – I call it a year!

This is my last blog post of 2018. I just came back from my last flight in 2018, and I am happy to spend a relaxing New Year’s Eve with my close friends and girlfriend. 2018 was a great, intense, and challenging year, with a lot of learnings and a lot of good things happening. I just want to thank all my friends, colleagues, supporters, blog readers, and followers for everything. People who read, like, comment and share my blogs and tweets, people who listen to my talks and videos, people who I have conversations with, you all give me the motivation to keep on doing this.

I also want to use the chance to thank my sponsors; your support and partnership helps me a lot.

For years now, I had the chance to travel around the world, engage with the community, learn, make new friends, and even find love. For that, I am happy and thankful and that the hard work pays off.

There were a lot of highlights, like traveling, speaking, new gadgets, server releases, hybrid cloud platforms, the Microsoft MVP Award and devices, this year and it is hard to name them all, so I just let them be 😁

I am looking forward to 2019 and a new year full of new challenges and experiences. 2019 will have some significant changes coming up, so stay tuned.

With that, I want to thank you all and wish you all the best and a good start into 2019!

Happy New Year! 🥂🎉🥳

– Thomas


thomasmaurer.ch – New Design 2013 and thank you!

Thomasmaurer.ch is now online for about 5 years and in this time the design stayed basically more less the same. After 5 years I finally found some time to release the new design of thomasmaurer.ch, it’s still not finished and I know there is still some work which has to be done, but I am really happy that I could finally release it. The new design should be a little more Metro style and on the other hand adds some great options to present the content better than just in simple blog posts.

If you find some bugs, design issues or you just want to give me some feedback on the new design, feel free to comment on this post.


With this post I want to also thank all the readers and commenters, as well as all the people who shared my blog posts with others per Mail or on Twitter, Facebook and all other platforms, you guys really keep me motivated. And of course I also want to thank my sponsors Veeam and Altaro which are now supporting me over a year.

Happy New Year To Everyone

Finally 2012 is over and I am enjoying holidays. Don’t get me wrong, 2012 was awesome, and I am not just talking about work. As I did in 2011, I meet a lot of great and interesting people, I was able to work in some great projects and I had the chance to travel a lot.

Last year I wrote a blog post with some predictions for 2012, which I would like to comment.

  • 2012 will be the year of Hyper-V – Okay I think Microsoft did a really good job and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V changed a lot of minds, but with the missing System Center 2012 SP1 a lot of customers were waiting to do a change or a upgrade and I think 2013 will be even a better year for Hyper-V than 2012.
  • Windows 8 will be released – Yes Windows 8 was released in 2012 and I personally love this operating system. I think there is still a lot of work to do, to teach people how Windows 8 works and how great it is.
  • I will buy my first Windows Tablet – Yes I bought my first Windows tablet, the Microsoft Surface RT. It was hard for me to wait so long but it was totally worth it.
  • My blog will hit the magic line of 2000 unique visitors a day – Yeah in the middle of February 2012 my blog hit 2000 unique visitors a day. Thanks to all the people visiting, reading, commenting and working with me on my blog, I think that’s one of the reasons I have so much fun running this blog.
  • A lot of interesting projects – Yes I will talk about that later.
  • System Center 2012 changes the datacenter – Yes think it’s true but the same will be true for System Center 2012 SP1 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Windows Phone will get some market share – Okay maybe not that much but I am still sure that Windows Phone is a great mobile operating system with really cool devices.
  • I will do my private cloud proof of concept for my diploma thesis – yes I did that as planned.

This are just a few moment of my personal year 2012, but there was a lot more. It’s very interesting to summarize some of the moments and achievements of 2012.

Sure I always had enough and interesting work to do, but I learned how I can mange my spare time so I could make the most out of it and spend it with my friends and family.

Thank you all and happy new year.

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This Swiss consultant Thomas Maurer (@thomasmaurer) isn’t quite as neutral as his country — he’s a Microsoft guy — but his feed is as equal opportunity as it gets, with topics ranging from Hyper-V to System Center to Windows Phone. If there’s a good blog post out there on a server-related topic, he’ll share it.

Check out the full article on SearchWindowsServer.techtarget.com

Happy New Year

Another great year ends and 2012 is just around the corner. 2011 was a successful year but I think 2012 will be even better. The private cloud products we all have talked about in the past months like System Center 2012 and Windows Server 8 will finally be released. And I am sure a lot of other stuff is coming in 2012.
I hope you all had fun reading my blog posts and tweets. I have learned a lot in the past year and had the chance to talk to a lot of interesting people.

Some predictions for 2012:

  • 2012 will be the year of Hyper-V (by Aidan Finn)
  •  Windows 8 will be released ;-)
  • I will buy my first Windows Tablet
  • My blog will hit the magic line of 2000 unique visitors a day
  • A lot of interesting projects
  • System Center 2012 changes the datacenter
  • Windows Phone will get some market share
  • I will do my private cloud proof of concept for my diploma thesis

Thank you all and happy new year.

MetroTwit – an awesome Windows Twitter Client


This is just a quick note about one of the coolest Windows Twitter clients. Since some months I started using MetroTwit and I loved it.

You can get MetroTwit here.


Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Twitter and Linkedin Integration

Microsoft released a video which demostrates the Twitter and Linkedin Integration in Windows Phone 7.5 codename “Mango”.

first seen on winrumors.com