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Sync Folder with Azure Blob Storage

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows • 6 Comments

With AzCopy v10 the team added a new function to sync folders with Azure Blob Storage. This is great if you have a local folder running on...
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Sync Azure Blob Storage with Azure Stack Blob Storage

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell • One Comment

There are some scenarios where you want to sync Blob Storage on Azure with Blob Storage on Azure Stack. This easily be done using the...
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The new SkyDrive rocks…

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Windows, Windows Phone

Today Microsoft released some new SkyDrive Apps for Windows and Mac and alos offers 25GB of free...
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Windows Live error 8600108 when syncing Windows Live with Windows Phone

Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone

Yesterday morning I realized I did not get any mails over night so something must be wrong with the sync of my Windows Live/Hotmail...
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Time sync problems with Hyper-V Guests

Microsoft, Virtualization, Windows Server

If you have time sync problems with Hyper-V Guest Systems there is a simple solution for this. Problems: Time between Server and Active...
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