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Azure Enablement Show: How and why to earn an Azure Certification

Certification, Microsoft Azure • 2 Comments

I am happy to let you know that I was part of the Azure Enablement show with April Edwards, to talk...
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Get System Uptime with PowerShell

PowerShell • 3 Comments

Sometimes you want to know how long your system is running. There are multiple ways to get the uptime of your system using the GUI or...
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Join The Az Update Show with the latest Azure News from Microsoft Build 2020

Events, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Speaking, Thomas Maurer

In this week’s Az Update Show, Anthony Bartolo and I will be talking about the latest Microsoft Azure news from Microsoft Build 2020....
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Check out Microsoft Learn TV Now!

Events, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Speaking, Thomas Maurer, Windows, Windows Server • 2 Comments

Today at Microsoft Build 2020, Jeff Sandquist announced Microsoft Learn TV. Microsoft Learn TV is...
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The Az Update Show – News on Microsoft Azure!

Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Speaking, Thomas Maurer • One Comment

Did you ever feel what there are so many things happening in the cloud, and especially around Azure, that is hard to keep up with all the...
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