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Azure Enablement show Microsoft Azure Certifications

Azure Enablement Show: How and why to earn an Azure Certification

I am happy to let you know that I was part of the Azure Enablement show with April Edwards, to talk about Azure Certifications!. In this video, April and I discuss why Microsoft Azure certifications are worth your time and energy; and how they can lead to more confidence and clarity in your job. Thomas and April share their own experiences and recommendations on how to prepare for exams and how to approach getting your own certifications.

You can watch the full Azure Enablement Show: How and why to earn an Azure Certification video here on Microsoft Channel 9.

You can learn more here:

Also make sure you check out my blogs on Microsoft Certification:

And my Microsoft Azure certification exam study guides!

I hope this Azure Enablement show video on Microsoft Azure certifications and the included information is valuable for your Microsoft Azure certification journey! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below!

Get System Uptime with PowerShell

Get System Uptime with PowerShell

Sometimes you want to know how long your system is running. There are multiple ways to get the uptime of your system using the GUI or command line. PowerShell also offers a simple way to get the system uptime. If you are running PowerShell 6 or PowerShell 7 you can get the uptime with this simple cmdlet, which works on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

To get the system uptime on Windows, Linux, or macOS using PowerShell, you can use the Get-Uptime cmdlet.


Here how that looks on Ubuntu:

Get System Uptime on Linux using PowerShell

You can also use the “-Since” parameter to return a DateTime object representing the last time that the operating system was booted.

Get-Uptime PowerShell cmdlet with -since parameter

If you are running Windows PowerShell 5 or older, you can use the CIM Instance method and the Win32_OperatingSystem class. The Win32_OperatingSystem class has a LastBootupTime property which shows the time when the computer was rebooted.

Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem | Select LastBootUpTime

I hope that quick PowerShell post gives you an overview of how you can get the system uptime on Windows, Linux, and macOS using PowerShell. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. If you want to know more about how you can install and update to PowerShell 7, check out my blog post, you can also learn what is new in PowerShell 7 right here.

You can also learn about PowerShell remoting between Windows, Linux, and macOS using PowerShell remoting over SSH.

The Az Update Show

Join The Az Update Show with the latest Azure News from Microsoft Build 2020

In this week’s Az Update Show, Anthony Bartolo and I will be talking about the latest Microsoft Azure news from Microsoft Build 2020. Make sure you join us today (4pm CEST May 22). The Az Update Show is our weekly Azure News livestream, in which Cloud Advocate Anthony Bartolo and I share the latest news and updates for Microsoft Azure.

This week will be a special highlight since the virtual Microsoft Build 2020 developer conference just finished. This means we will have many news and announcements to cover! You can join directly on YouTube or watch here:

If you can’t make it this week, the recording will be available for you to watch.

I hope you tune in for this week’s Az Update Show on Microsoft Build 2020, and see you in the live stream! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, follow me on YouTube when I will go live on May 27 for my livestream about Hybrid Server Management with Azure Arc.

Microsoft Learn TV

Check out Microsoft Learn TV Now!

Today at Microsoft Build 2020, Jeff Sandquist announced Microsoft Learn TV. Microsoft Learn TV is offering daily live, pre-recorded, and on-demand video programming for developers, IT Pros, and technologists within the Microsoft Learn platform. Microsoft Learn provides hundreds of free self-paced learning modules, and Learn TV expands on this to bring together live streams, shows, and instructional videos from Microsoft Cloud Advocates, Product Group leaders, and communities, making the Learn platform a one-stop-shop to learn and grow.

Watch Microsoft Learn TV 📺

You can watch it right here. 📺

Microsoft Learn TV Logo

It is will build on on-demand content from Microsoft Channel 9 and other popular video series as well live shows and content from first-party events and hackathons, with casual developer conversations and instructor-led sessions from advocates and engineers. 

Learn TV extends the existing Microsoft Learn platform with a 24/7 program, and with content for IT Pros, cloud developers, or business analysts, you’ll find things in the schedule for you.

I am personally looking forward to many great shows and videos. It will be the place to find the latest digital content so you can always keep updated on the latest announcements, features, and products from Microsoft. You might spot episodes from Azure Friday or Azure Unblogged and more.

Additional Tips and Resources

I also recommend that you open a free Azure account if you don’t have one yet. You can create your free Azure account here. Also, check out my blog posts about Microsoft Azure Certification:

I hope you enjoy watching Microsoft Learn TV. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or message me on Twitter.

The Az Update Show

The Az Update Show – News on Microsoft Azure!

Did you ever feel what there are so many things happening in the cloud, and especially around Azure, that is hard to keep up with all the news? Now we have a solution for that called The Az Update Show. In the Az Update Show, Anthony Bartolo and I (Thomas Maurer) are giving you a weekly update on the news around Microsoft Azure. Anthony and I are both Cloud Advocates at Microsoft and cover different topics around technologies around Azure, Windows Server, Developer Tools, IoT, AI, and many more.

We will be live-streaming the Az Update Show on YouTube. You can check out the latest episode here: www.aka.ms/azupdateshow

We will be live later today (Friday, April 24) 4 pm (CEST)

This week we will be discussing:

I hope you tune in and see you in the live stream! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, follow me on YouTube when I will go live today for my second live stream at the Global Azure Virtual 2020 event.