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Windows Phone – New Nokia Lumia 900 Ads

Fun, Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone • One Comment

Some days ago Nokia launched the Lumia 900 together with AT&T. And here some ads about the...
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The Smartphone Beta Test Website

Fun, Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone • One Comment

Nokia has started its marketing campaign for Nokia Lumia 900 which goes on sale in AT&T next week. :-) check it out:...
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My new Nokia Lumia 800 – Windows Phone

Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone • 3 Comments

Last week I got my Nokia Lumia 800 and even I already have read a lot of articles and reviews about it, I am impressed about the beautiful...
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My next Phone, the Nokia Lumia 800

Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone, Zune • One Comment

Today Nokia released their first two Windows Phone devices, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia...
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My next Mobile Phone

Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone • One Comment

Last week Nokia CEO Stephen Elop unveiled Nokias first Windows Phone device. I think the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft is the...
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Nokia and Microsoft bringing awesomeness to the mobile world

Hardware, Microsoft, Windows Phone

Today Nokia and Microsoft announced a partnership and Nokia will use Windows Phone 7 as their primary Smartphone OS. Both of them are...
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Nokia Booklet 3G

Hardware • One Comment

Okay okay… Its’ just a netbook like so many others… and  I would call it a...
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