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Speaking at Global Azure 2021 (Livestream)

Microsoft Azure, Speaking

I am happy to let you know that I will be speaking and presenting at this year’s Global Azure 2021 (virtual).  I will be...
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Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-Scale Series and Livestream

Microsoft Azure

If you are starting with your cloud journey, there are many things you need to think of to set up your cloud environment and your Azure...
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How to chain multiple PowerShell commands on one line

PowerShell • One Comment

PowerShell one-liners sometimes are an easy way to achieve something quickly. There are cases where you might want to run multiple...
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Azure Enablement Show: How and why to earn an Azure Certification

Certification, Microsoft Azure

I am happy to let you know that I was part of the Azure Enablement show with April Edwards, to talk about Azure Certifications!. In this...
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How to run scripts against multiple Azure VMs by using Run Command

Microsoft Azure, PowerShell • 4 Comments

I wrote a blog post on how to run scripts in your Azure VM by using Run Command, and explained how handy this feature is to manage Azure...
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Book: Windows Containers for IT Pros

Windows Server

One of the big topics for IT Pros is how they can leverage containers to modernize their application landscape. Getting started with that...
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Get System Uptime with PowerShell


Sometimes you want to know how long your system is running. There are multiple ways to get the uptime of your system using the GUI or...
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Audit server settings with Azure Policy Guest Configuration

Microsoft Azure • One Comment

In my last blog post on Azure Governance, I wrote about how you can use Azure Policy to keep control of your Azure environment. In this...
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Hotpatch for Windows Server Azure virtual machines VMs

Microsoft Azure • 3 Comments

Windows Server runs best in Microsoft Azure, especially when you look at the great management capabilities like Azure Automanage. At...
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