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Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1

Today Microsoft released Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio. You can download the Update from MSDN.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1

There is also an update for the PowerGUI Extension for Visual Studio 2010. You can get this from Codeplex or in Visual Studio in the Extension Manager.

PowerGUI VSX 1.3.3


PowerShell Integration Into Visual Studio

The PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension adds PowerShell
IntelliSense support to Visual Studio. This is nothing new but Adam Driscoll just released a new version 1.3 for PowerGUI 2.4. If you work a lot with Powershell and if you do small bigger Powershell projects this will help you a lot.

New Features

  • PowerGUI Console Tool Window
  • PowerShell Project Type

Current Features

  • IntelliSense support through a custom PowerShell editor
  • Syntax highlighting and script analysis
  • Supports PowerGUI settings
  • Supports PowerGUI imported modules
  • Supports PowerGUI Snippets
  • PowerShell debugging
  • PowerGUI Console Tool Window
  • PowerShell Project Type

Quest released PowerGUI® Pro and PowerGUI® 2.3

powergui-legoQuest released PowerGUI Pro and PowerGUI 2.3. Both get really cool new features. In the Pro version the most changes are done in the MobileShell. In the free version the most changes are done in the support for snippets. And they now support virtualization now with the VMware Powerpack right build in.

If you wanna know more about the changes of PowerGUI visit