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System Center Universe

Registration for System Center Universe Europe Open

Back in January System Center Universe Europe was announced. This time System Center Universe will be a three day community conference that is focused on systems management and virtualization topics such as Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Windows Server and Client Operating Systems and Windows the heart of Europe. The Venue moved from last year event from Bern to Basel and will take place September 17th – 19th 2014. The conference will offer more than 60 breakout session and much more.

  • Unlimited Access to all 60 breakout sessions
  • Access to the exhibition and networking area
  • First class catering during the 3 conference days
  • Networking party
  • Time to meet with the community
  • WLAN access
  • Conference bag
  • Talk to experts
  • Great City to visit.

Now today the registration for the event is open and it totally worth it to register early. If you are one of the first 100 conference registrations you have a chance to win one of the unique VIP ticket add-ons. The VIP ticket will offer you access to the closed “Speakers & Sponsors Dinner” the evening before the conference starts. With this you get a chance for a meet and greet with speakers and sponsors.

You can register directly on the System Center Universe Europe website. Registration: Opens February 12th, 12:12PM (GMT+1)


Register now for System Center Universe

System Center Universe Europe 2013

I was already presenting at last years System Center Universe Europe and I loved it. So I really recommend everyone who has the chance to attend the event to register.

System Center Universe

System Center Universe Europe 2014 announced

Today Marcel Zehner announced System Center Universe Europe 2014 in Switzerland. Last year I already had the chance to be part of System Center Universe Europe 2013 where we had an awesome lineup with great speakers. Now System Center Universe Europe 2104 will take place in Switzerland in September 2014. This time it will be a three day event with around 60 breakout sessions.

System Center Universe Europe 2013

What is System Center Universe (SCU)?

System Center Universe is an community conference that is focused on systems management and virtualization topics such as Microsoft System Center, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Windows Server and Client Operating Systems and Windows Azure. The credo “top quality from the community to the community” is very important to us. That said it’s obvious that we have some of the best speakers and community leaders from around the world that will present high quality sessions at the conference.

System Center Universe Europe 2013

Why SCU Europe?

Microsoft announced that they will not continue their main systems management event “Microsoft Management Summit” (MMS). With SCU Europe we want to try to compensate this big loss at least a little bit and bring the European community together to learn about the latest technologies, network with others and have a great time.

Check out System Center Universe Europe 2014



System Center Universe

My 2013

Well another year just ends and as in 2011 and 2012 I like to summarize things a little before starting with the next year. This year was maybe one of the busiest years for me and it was really fun. I had the chance to meet, talk and work with some really great people all over the world, and to list every single one would just be to much, but I want to make sure that everyone knows I am really thankful for that. I am also pretty happy with this year and the goals I reached, and for me everything worked out pretty good. Besides that I am really grateful that most of the people around me, like my friends and family and of course myself, are healthy, because this is something I cannot control and you need a lot of luck for that.

I tried to summarize some of the events and things I had the chance to do in 2013, there was a lot of other stuff going on but I think this does is pretty good.

Switzerland Montreux

2013 was my second year at itnetx gmbh where I am working as a Cloud Architect. Well this job brought me around some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. And it still feels pretty cool to work in such a great company with so many talented people, know-how and interesting projects.

Cloud as a Tier with Microsoft StorSimple

Microsoft StorSimple

Some weeks ago an awesome packet arrived at our office in Bern and I finally have time to write about the content.

Several months ago Microsoft acquired a company called StorSimple but there was no real buzz around this. But for me this is a huge step and shows in which direction the whole Cloud and Datacenter future will go.

StorSimple is one of the vendors which produced Cloud integrated Storage (CiS). Basically StorSimple is a hardware storage appliance with multiple storage tiers such as SSD or SAS disks and now also the Cloud which means Windows Azure.

As mentioned the box contains SSD and SAS disk which can be attached via iSCSI to your environment. ISCSI is not really the prefer option for me but I expect Microsoft to implement SMB 3.0 in the StorSimple box.

Primary Storage with SSD speed – The StorSimple box can be used as a primary storage with SSD speed. The box is certified for Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and VMware but at the moment the StorSimple is maybe not made for running virtual machines on it. I would say it’s a great solution to attach the storage to you SMB file server and use it to expand your storage to the cloud.

Automatic Archiving – Cold data can be moved to cheap storage in Windows Azure which can grow with your needs, while hot data is running on-premise on your SSD or SAS storage.

Backup & Restore – Files can be backed up and restored from the Cloud. Incremental, deduplicated snapshots reduce storage requirements by over 90%
while delivering instant snapshot and restore technology in minutes as opposed
to days. Cloud Snapshots offer offsite data protection via the cloud. It is now
simple and cost-effective to retain as many snapshots as you need – no more 30,
60 or 90 day limits.

Multi Location Disaster Recovery – If a disaster strikes and you lose your datacenter you can restore you StorSimple box to a new StorSimple box, on the same location or on another, directly from the Windows Azure Cloud.

Military-grade Security – All data stored in the cloud with StorSimple has military-grade encryption applied to it. The encryption key is never given to StorSimple or the cloud provider, ensuring complete data privacy to support compliance requirements as stringent as HIPAA.

Enterprise-class Storage
StorSimple solutions offer enterprise-class high-availability with fully redundant disk controllers, power supplies, network connections and no single point of failure. They also support non-disruptive software upgrades.

Application-optimized Storage and Data Protection – Application-optimized volumes for Windows file shares, SharePoint and VMware libraries. Full support for VSS application-consistent snapshots is provided.

If you want to know more about StorSimple check out the StorSimple website.