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Surface Imagine Ad

Microsoft finally released an video ad which shows why the Surface is such a great device. Surface Imagine shows you a device that can finally do it all.  It has the power of a laptop with the portability of a tablet.  It has a USB port and a click-in keyboard and the power to run Office.

News from Tad (VMLimited)

Remember Tad (Salesman) from VMLimited? Microsoft just released a new Video about him 😉

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Windows Phone – New Nokia Lumia 900 Ads

Some days ago Nokia launched the Lumia 900 together with AT&T.

And here some ads about the smart phone beta test 😉

The Smartphone Beta Test Website

Nokia has started its marketing campaign for Nokia Lumia 900 which goes on sale in AT&T next week. 🙂

check it out:

The Browser You Loved To Hate

Microsoft released a new funny Ad for Internet Explorer 9.

Awesome: Huge Windows Phone NYC

Microsofts huge Windows Phone in New York City

Don’t get stuck in the IT past

Watch what happens when you try to buy a cloud solution from the wrong company.

Microsoft pokes fun at VMware with “VMlimited man“.