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How to Install a Highly Available SCVMM Management Server

Install SCVMM HA Cluster

Since System Center Virtual Machine Manager is starting to get more and more important and starts to be a critical application for your environment especially if your are using Hyper-V Network Virtualization and SCVMM is your centralized policy store, you should install Virtual Machine Manager highly available. To do this Virtual Machine Manager uses the Failover Cluster feature integrated in Windows Server.

Before you begin check this important nodes

  • Not only the SCVMM Management Server should be high available, also the SQL Server where the SCVMM database is installed and the file share for the library share should be highly available.
  • You can have two or more SCVMM Management server in a cluster, but only one node will be active.
  • You will need to configure Distributed Key Management. You use distributed key management to store encryption keys in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) instead of storing the encryption keys on the computer on which the VMM management server is installed.

Here the quick steps what you do:

  • Install two server for the SCVMM Management servers (Cluster nodes) with Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Install all the SCVMM prerequisites (ADK and SQL native client)
  • Create a SCVMM Service Account which has local admin rights on the SCVMM nodes.
  • Create a container in Active Directory Domain Services for the Distributed Key Management.
  • Set all IP addresses, you may also configure an independent Heartbeat network
  • Install the Failover Cluster feature on both server.

After you have done this steps you start to create a Failover Cluster with both nodes.

Create SCVMM Cluster

You built the SCVMM Cluster, now you have to install the SCVMM Service on the first node. You can start the SCVMM Installer and will automatically detected the SCVMM Cluster and will ask you if you want to install the SCVMM server as high available installation.

Install SCVMM HA Cluster

The installation is now more less the same as for a standalone Virtual Machine Manager Server, expect you have to use Distributed Key Management and one screen where you configure the SCVMM Cluster Role with a name and an IP address.

Install SCVMM HA Cluster Configuration

After you have installed the first node you can now run the setup on the second node. The setup does also see the cluster and the SCVMM Cluster role, and will ask you about the configuration. Many of the settings cannot be changed because they are the same on all nodes.

Add Node to SCVMM Cluster

After you have installed both nodes you can see the SCVMM Cluster Role in the Failover Cluster Manager.

VMM Failover Cluster Role

And you can of course also see all your Virtual Machine Management servers in the Virtual Machine Manager console.

VMM Console

I hope this helps you to install System center 2012 SP1 or System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager as Highly Available installation. If you need more information check out TechNet: How to Install a Highly Available VMM Management Server

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