Powershell: Run MySQL Querys with Powershell

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In our Hosting enviroment we are now using MS SQL Servers for our back-end. But there are still some MySQL Server left which store some data. Now since we do a lot of automation with Windows Powersehll I wrote a function to run MySQL querys with Powershell.

First you have to install the MySQL .NET Connector or just copy the MySql.Data.dll from the MySQL.

You can now load this:

With DLL File:

or if you have installed the MySQL .NET Connector:

Now basiclly this function does everything for you:

You can use this Powershell function like this:

If you wanna run more than one command you could do something like this:

If you need more information about Powershell and MySQL Mark Alexander Bain wrote a blog post about this.

And if you need a local MySQL Server on your machine to test this, you could use Microsoft Platform Installer to install MySQL and other cool Webtools.